A capable, powerful E Commerce partner

1st November 2015

I founded Vertical Plus in 2001 with a very specific purpose – to provide businesses with a value for money service, based on what was good for their business and what they really needed. As we grew and evolved so did our customers. We developed with them more sophisticated technology, introduced new and innovative ways of reaching customers digitally and of course designed and developed better and better websites.

When our All Embracing E Commerce service was launched in 2009, these key principles were finally put into a business model which worked not only for our customers but for us. If we could build our own steady online revenue then we could employ qualified and capable staff to support and grow the businesses who partnered with us on a shared growth vision. If we could prove our model worked to our partners by putting our money where our mouth is then this was a win-win situation.

I am very proud of the company and of the people who work there and it is testament to our business that in the last four years we have doubled in size every year to bring ourselves to a 1 million pound turnover company employing 22 members of staff. There is not one partner or opportunity that we don’t all feel passionate about and everyone, including myself and Nicola, are fully dedicated to ensuring each customer has a great experience with us and has the opportunity to grow to the size we know most of them are capable of achieving.

We all believe that the experience you will get at Vertical Plus as a small or medium sized business represents extremely good value for money – almost unparalleled with what you will get anywhere else. New partners get a fully branded, responsive and integrated E Commerce website; they get full and intelligent integration with Amazon and Ebay; they have all their inventory written and optimised; they get most of their product photos reviewed and in many cases retaken and all in this in environment where we are hounding them for meetings and strategies to grow their businesses.

When you come to work with us at Vertical Plus you really become part of the furniture. We can’t always make it a success but we do our very best to at least give it our best shot. We turn down more businesses than we take on to become partners and our “growth” success rate – where partners have made more money with us than they made before – is more than 95%. Over 25% of our new partners become phenomenal successes. I hope you will join us and be a part of this success story.