Google Panda Update

9th July 2014

Google Panda 4.0 is a new algorithm introduced back on May 21st 2014 to help ease the burden of earlier Pandas who have trashed a lot of smaller sites who engaged in poor SEO / Internet promotion practices. For those sites who have cleaned up their act following earlier Panda releases this was good news as it gave them a way back in past the blockages.

For those of you who are now completely lost, I’m talking about Google and the programming it uses to determine search results. Search results are everything at ICO3 because without traffic our E Commerce Partnerships die off. At ICO3 we anticipated the Panda changes and because we didn’t use unsavoury practices anyway we only had to deal with some minor issues and then see our search engine traffic increase as our competitors went conversely downhill. Like all updates we keep a close eye on them and try where possible to minimise damage to our partner websites and of course maximise any opportunity there might be to gain the upper hand against our competitors.

Moving on we’ve been looking at the effect Panda 4.0 has had across our partnerships. On most of our sites we have seen a clear change from May 21st onwards particularly from those historic sites we inherited from other companies. Our biggest winners have since had up to an 88% increase in traffic right after the update. The graph below shows the traffic from one of our leading partnerships which has always struggled to maintain organic traffic despite all our efforts to reduce the impact of another company’s less than brilliant SEO strategy.

Panda was designed to work against sites that were:

Unnecessarily showing adverts
Inserting ‘Stuffed’ keywords into metadata and descriptions
Were very sparse in terms of unique writing
Had lots of inbound links from ‘spammy’ websites
Had lots of duplicate content
At ICO3 all our partnership coordinators and SEO staff are fully trained in techniques to ensure that all our content is unique and that all our actions on behalf of our partners work with – not against – Google’s overall principle of trying to help customers find the best products. We believe this will lead ultimately to longer lasting and more stable sites enjoying higher visitors and therefore better sales.