Huge Organic Growth in 1st Quarter 2017

16th April 2017

Vertical Plus partners have experienced phenomenal organic growth in the first quarter of 2017 with some sites almost trebling traffic since the Christmas period. Organic web traffic is where traffic is sent to websites on the basis of content and web site relevance – rather than on advertising spend – so it is a very valuable form of traffic as it does not cost the retailer anything to get their customers to buy their products. Typically organic traffic will count for around 50% of the traffic on our partnership websites so it will also account for 50% of the revenue.

This growth has been put down to a range of factors, but has to do with some of our key principles for securing Organic Growth on websites. These can be broadly put down to four main areas:


The technology used to host and deliver E Commerce is key to success. Vertical Plus have a sophisticated Cloud based solution that is not only quick but also protected against attack. This means most of the traffic arriving on our websites is clean and clean visitors engage properly with sites.

Content Building

Writing fresh and exciting content capable of delivering traffic is also key to growth. We are careful to avoid all the content mistakes and provide our sites with keyword rich but also engaging content.

Product Conversion

A key part of our partnership strategy is to increase product conversion rates by investing in good photography, competitive analysis and lots and lots of data analysis. As product conversion rates go up so does site engagement and therefore organic traffic.

Traffic Analysis

Analysing traffic is important in organic growth – identifying bad bounces and poor quality engagement are important in building growth. Because our traffic is reviewed it means we can nip problems that can cause bad reputations relatively quickly.