Policies and Procedures the key to Growth

17th August 2016

Key to our success at V+ is being able to identify success, evaluate costs, assess risk and finally process, process, process.

Since becoming ISO accredited in 2012 we have largely been a process led company. When you come to us you will be under my careful guidance and all the staff will introduce you, install you, incubate you, progress you and grow you largely through a series of tried and tested procedures which we have exclusively developed for our partners. Our model for growth is very complex but is made up of these simple principles:

Give the partner the absolutely best opportunity to grow by increasing their chance of success. Many online businesses fail because they get the basics wrong – poor brand, poor products, poor focus. We help our partners get the basics right. They should look good, feel good, have good products, have adequate exposure to different platforms and markets and have good customer service.

Find any opportunities for growth during this exposure and capitalise on them. We identify the products that sell, the markets that work, the platforms that convert and then make sure our partners capitalise on them in the best way that is for them. Sometimes our partners reinvent themselves – sometimes they simple just sell better. Either way each partnership has a plan backed up by the partner and all the staff at Vertical Plus.

Support the partner during their growth period. Many businesses fail simply because they give up, can’t be bothered or grow weary of too many set backs. We try to encourage our partners with a shared vision, with a business plan and with huge amounts of enthuiasm and positivity. This is important to our business growth so we feel it is important to yours.

The model is undertaken by our highly qualified staff using a host of policies and procedures relating to a wide range of issues including: partner sales procedures, partner installation procedures, partner alignment procedures, partner account management procedures, growth procedures, Ebay integration procedures, Amazon integration procedures, inventory procedures, product sales reviews procedures and technical specification procedures.

When you join us you will receive a partner handbook. You will work with us to a strict contract with service level commitments on both sides and if you ever wish to leave us the procedures for exit are also clearly laid out and explained from the start.

All these policies and procedures are core to the business and assessed yearly by external assessors to ensure our customer service level is maximised and that all clients have an excellent level of service.