7th October 2016

Vertical Plus is involved in an ESRC funded project to grow awareness about the impact of social sciences amongst the public. The project will use the power of social media to both engage with potential advocates of the social sciences and to reach out to the general public about how the social sciences has or could impact upon their everyday lives.

Vertical Plus are supplying some of our best social media writers to the project and also contributing towards the cost of a two week exhibition in the University of Plymouth which takes place before, during and after the Festival of Social Sciences – a week of celebration by the ESRC where social scientists will be demonstrating their work to the general public.

The project begins in early October to raise awareness of the event by contacting social science students (“advocates”) – and people who can help us contact them – and asking them to agree to share their love of social sciences in a few, very short words.

Advocates will be asked to either send us their ideas or to post or tweet their thoughts or quotes about the social sciences on Facebook and Twitter during a social media day on Wednesday 2 November. The activity will be tracked using the tag #socialquotes. The activity will create enough momentum to ensure the project ‘trends’. It is anticipated that the project team will post over 400 positive messages with advocates posting over 600 positive messages.

Advocates will have a chance to win Amazon gift vouchers for participating – anyone involved will be entered into a competition to win one of three vouchers for £50, £20 and £15.

Outputs from the social media day will be presented as part of an exhibition stand in the Roland Levinsky Building during and after the festival week. The exhibition will include postcards with quotes from social science advocates showing the best outputs of the day.

Key links from the Project

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