Growth Focused E Commerce

17th August 2016

Here at Vertical Plus, we are constantly striving to evolve and embrace new technologies and ensure that our partners get the benefit of best industry practice and expert skills. Over the next year, E Commerce will continue to grow and shopper’s online buying habits will continue to evolve, presenting new opportunities for our partners.

It is the age of the customer in 2016, when new brands will look to different marketplaces to sell online and of particular note, retailers will need to plan key online shopping dates everywhere in the world as well as in their home markets whilst remaining price competitive.

We are pleased to introduce our new website to keep our customers and partners up to date with our company growth and E Commerce business news.

Our vision for 2016 is for all our partners to enjoy the implementation of new, mechanised processes and therefore improved communication across all areas of the E Commerce platform. We are extremely proud to partner all our hard-working retailers and are endeavouring to facilitate the growth of these businesses now and in the future.

Nicola Bonning

Managing Director