A Model for Success

More Customers, More Sales, More Profit

At Vertical Plus we grow brands and businesses in partnership with our clients. We focus primarily on growth and success finding our clients more customers, creating more sales and ultimately making more profit. We see success in the same way as our clients see it and because the rewards are shared this creates a more vibrant, focused growth model with an excellent track record for success.

Astonishing Customer Service

We take customer service seriously and as part of our ISO accreditation we aim to answer the phone, respond to emails, respond to support tickets and generally behave in a way which creates astonishing customer service.  Here are just some of our key customer service promises:

Tickets Response – we aim to answer all tickets in 24 hours and in most cases aim to resolve them within 24 hours as well.  Most technical developments take place within 6 weeks.
Regular Meetings – we aim to meet with clients once a month or more if they are actively engaged in growth.
Dealing with Complaints – we have a company hierarchy which allows us to deal with complaints quickly and fairly.
Processes – most of the things we do are done according to process and all our projects are planned.



We bring our expertise and growth model to your business and our services create growth. We only get paid when you get paid.

Don’t expect us to just deliver services.  We do provide a wide range of the most advanced technologies for our partners, however everything is entirely focused on our overall ambition to double your sales.

All under one roof


We have selected and recruited in our offices all the hands on expertise needed to grow your business.  We have experienced staff offering web development, graphical design, banner design, programming, content writing, SEO, marketing and brand identity, including packaging, brochures, leaflets, stationery, direct mail, illustration, photography, exhibition design, presentations and much more.  See our services section for a full list of all the services we can provide to you as a partner to double your turnover.

Key Partners