Cut Plastic Sheeting

Starting as a new business with Vertical Plus in 2010, Cut Plastic Sheeting has grown to over £1m a year in online sales driven largely by keen pricing and a clear vision and enthusiasm for such a niche product.

The brand is so successful that larger companies in that sector have been looking to emulate or acquire the business for quite some time.

Success was based on a combination of easy price management, good integration with the client’s back office system and a strong partnership capable of monitoring the competition and launching competitive products at good prices. When the business first entered the market, it was the first one which drove past the industry standard of paying for sheets and then paying for cutting them. Our system enabled the partnership to offer huge customer flexibility as well as well organised promotion of cut panels across multiple platforms.

The partnership draws commission on the entire business and our rewards come not only from web sales driven directly to the web site but also to sales driven to the sales team at the office.

Method of Delivery

E Commerce Partnership

Services Delivered

Brand Development
Website Design
Consumer Sales Strategy
Competitive Analysis
Ebay and Amazon Integration
Pricing Strategy
Sales Forecasting
Reputation Management
Product Descriptions
Online Promotions Coordination
Data Analysis
Business Growth Strategy