Daisy Baby

Daisy Baby initially set up their business importing Asian soft baby carriers called Mei Tai Slings from Thailand.

There were many varieties of baby carriers in the market.  After going through about 5 different types Daisy Baby found that the Mei Tai was by far the best as it provided fantastic support and flexibility. However these slings were not cheap and normally cost in the region of £50.

After trying a number of suppliers they eventually found a Company in Thailand with a sling which was both strong and well designed. They then started buying some of these slings to sell on eBay and after about 1 year when the weekly sales had grown to about 35 (after bringing on a few more of their products, Ring Slings and Breastfeeding covers) it became apparent that there was demand for a very reasonably priced Mei Tai sling and the other products that they made. However Daisy Baby were struggling to expand out of this basic Ebay offering and had no idea how to start a website.

Therefore in middle of 2011 they approached a number of businesses in the E Commerce market.  However, all operated a model of just providing a website or social media campaigns and they were looking for more. By chance (being from Plymouth and a lifelong Plymouth Argyle fan) Mike came across Vertical Plus through their support of PASOTI. Their model looked exactly what we were looking for in terms of a complete E Commerce package on a partnership basis.

Initially they rebranded from UK Slings to Daisybabyshop.co.uk (named after their first daughter) to reflect their intention to extend their range to cover a full spectrum of baby accessories. Vertical Plus helped to develop and launch a new website in April 2012.

This gave Daisy Baby the confidence to invest in increasing the number of lines they were selling from an initial 60 to their current range of around 800 product lines. Turnover has increased from £3K per month in February 2012 and is now heading past £80k.

Daisy Baby are looking forward to both working more closely with Vertical Plus to increase the product range further (to about 2000 different lines) and develop a network of agent workers across the UK. They have also recently launched a new service to support new and existing sling libraries in the UK, and the promotion of attachment parenting.

Method of Delivery

E Commerce Partnership

Services Delivered

Ebay, Amazon, Web Integration
International sales
Competitive Pricing Strategies
Product Photography
Branding and Reputation
Social Media Presence
New Product Research
Product Descriptions
Promotions Coordination
Data Analysis
Business Growth Strategy