Hip Hip Hooray

Hip Hip Hooray started as an exciting new company in 2012 by providing bespoke and beautifully designed wedding stationery. They were initially drawn to us by our shared profit model as their start up costs with the previous web company were too high making the cost of each product difficult, expensive and time consuming.

Hip Hip Hooray produce designs using Adobe Photoshop. Using our own conversion filters and business process tools these designs are then converted into online templates that customers use to personalise their wedding invites. Prior to working with us each product needed to be created by the web designers – now they are in control of their inventory and their real potential is being realised.

Vertical Plus have worked closely with Hip Hip Hooray in order to develop further growth in other areas of their business.  They have a thriving Ebay store and since they started with us several new categories of products have been carefully researched and deployed online with great success.

The partnership draws commission on the entire business and our rewards come not only from web sales driven directly to the web site but also to sales driven to the sales team at the office.

Method of Delivery

E Commerce Partnership

Services Delivered

Brand Development
Website Design
Consumer Sales Strategy
Competitive Analysis
Ebay Integration
Pricing Strategy
Sales Forecasting
Reputation Management
Product Descriptions
Data Analysis
Business Growth Strategy
Competitor Analysis
New Product Development