The Dispute Service

Vertical Plus have worked with The Dispute Service (otherwise known as TDS) since 2006 when the government first announced plans to ensure all tenancy deposits in England and Wales should be protected by an independent agency who will be able to resolve disputes and if necessary hand deposits back to tenants where the adjudication decides that the landlord is being unfair.

We have since worked and grown with TDS to launch several websites for England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as complex adjudication systems and third party software integrations which have enabled the company to work efficiently and effectively. Our relationship with TDS is a close one: many of the early ideas which led to TDS becoming an industry leader in their sector were conceptualised and developed by the team at Vertical Plus and we were important in making sure of success when the company launched new commercially competitive sites to coincide with legislation changes.

Method of Delivery

Long term strategic partnership

Services Delivered

Complex workflows
Adjudication systems
Third party software integrations