Vertical Plus was established in 2001 and is located at Venaspace - The Apex in Plymouth.

Our core business is eCommerce and in particular in securing sustainable, organic growth for our customers with a view towards developing long term business value. 

Meet the team

We have hand picked a team of eCommerce growth professionals from the marketing and technical sectors to provide an all embracing service for our clients with the focus being on creating long term eCommerce sales growth.  

We have 25 full time in house eCommerce experts working for us –  offering web development, graphical design, banner design, programming, content writing, SEO, marketing and brand identity, including packaging, brochures, leaflets, stationery, direct mail, illustration, photography, exhibition design, presentations and much more.  

Senior Managers

Provide strategic oversight of the business and ensure through our ISO standards that our customers are happy and our products provide value for money

Justin Smith
Managing Director

Justin is the lead contact if you want to have an eCommerce partnership with Vertical Plus.

He has over 20 years experience of working in IT and has been working with Vertical Plus for over 6 years finding new customers and he works closely with our eCommerce team to ensure their experience with Vertical Plus is a positive one.

Justin also supervises the work of our in house graphic designers.

Technical Developers

Provide incredible back end support for our technical platforms, integrations and develop bespoke E Commerce features for our clients

Darren Trethewey
Chief Technical Officer

Darren leads a team of 8 full time technical developers and front end designers.  This team provides long term security,  speed and reliability for our platform as well as ensuring that shorter term growth initiatives are put in place for our partners.  

Darren coordinates an ongoing roadmap to deliver a number of important eCommerce technological developments that are being used to support the growth of both new and existing partners in an exciting time for the online retail sector.

George Weller
Head of Technical

George joined the team in 2009 as a student placement and was made Head of Technical in 2014.

His main responsibilities include: development and improvement of our eCommerce platforms, oversight of technical project development, management of infrastructure & application of new technologies.

Chris Ward
Senior Developer

Chris is a very proficient and experienced PHP Developer and works on highly complicated projects requiring specialised knowledge of relevant software.

He primarily develops and supports the software of the longest running tenancy deposit protection scheme in the UK, but also helps with eCommerce related projects.

Steven King
Senior Developer

Steve provides exceptional back end support for our technical platforms, integrations and develops bespoke eCommerce features for our clients.

Steve likes to innovate and is always seeking solutions to improve on developments and works tirelessly for the benefit of our clients.

Steven Broad
Senior Developer

Steven provides highly valued business analysis with a high level of customer service and works very closely with our customers and development team to ensure they receive the very best level of service and support.

Lee Perring
Senior Developer

Lee is also a highly experienced and extremely capable PHP Developer who works with Chris and Steven on our tenancy deposit platform as well as working on a variety of technical eCommerce jobs and ensuring our clients’ development needs are met.


Provide unique, attractive website designs, branding and banners for our customers

Iain Smith
Head of Design

As well as being an extremely experienced designer over many years, Iain is also a highly competent project manager who can deliver complex websites with a high attention to detail.  

Iain has a thorough understanding of the whole process of delivering websites, as well as from a technical viewpoint, with an outstanding level of customer service and supportive manner with his clients.

Lucy McGowan
UI/UX Designer

Lucy has a wealth of experience when it comes to designing modern, up to date and innovative websites and produces outstanding logos for a vast range of clients.
As well as working collaboratively with the design and development team, Lucy is also proficient in UI/UX design and plans and conducts user research and usability testing to ensure that the end product design provides users with the optimum experience in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and engagement.

James Carey
HTML Designer

James joined in 2014 and focuses on the design element of our development work, styling and laying out the work from the technical team and converting the visual mockups from the design team into working sites, along with supporting both teams with related design and technical work such as photo editing, banner creation and front end development.


Simon Trethewey
Support & Finance Manager

Simon is our longest standing employee.  He provides data analysis and oversight on the profitability of Vertical Plus and with Nicola he ensures that the delivery of services is efficient and valuable to our clients.

He also coordinates many of the infrastructure duties of the business including hosting support, data compliance and security. 


Jodie Wright

Jodie works closely with our Sales Director in supporting all prospecting, networking and lead generation activity, and also provides administrative and HR support to the Directors and other Vertical Plus staff as required.

Creative Writers

Our creative writers are responsible for many different types of content creation for our eCommerce partners, this includes: blogging, social media, content writing and inventory management.

Jasmin Carter
Creative Writer

Jasmin is an experienced Creative Writer who brings a passion for the written word, as well as a fresh perspective when writing for her clients.  The content is written at a high level, with a lighthearted conversational tone, rather than using jargon, but she can equally switch to more industry-specific terminology when required.

Ed Mason
Creative Writer

Ed has spent over five years producing an extensive range of web content for over 25 businesses; creating product descriptions, blogs and articles, as well as email marketing copy, in-depth customer guides and social media content for multiple platforms.

Working on everything from established websites to new launches, he has garnered skills in SEO content optimisation and varied experience developing the right tone of voice in a multitude of different subject areas.

Kimberley Roderick
Creative Writer

Kim joined the team in 2018, working to create unique content for a range of areas including inventory, website content, blogs, social media and newsletters for a variety of partners. 

As well as being a very experienced and highly competent Creative Writer, Kimberley understands the buying journeys and the nuances of different audiences, and her content educates and provides potential customers all the confidence they need to convert.

Planning for the future is key

Vertical Plus has an ongoing roadmap to deliver a number of important E Commerce technological developments that are being used to support the growth of both new and existing partners in an exciting time for the online retail sector.


A trusted professional agency

Vertical Plus holds the ISO 27001 and the ISO 9001 standards meaning we are fully qualified to be a data processor under the GDPR regulations and we also have systems and procedures in place for ensuring the very best in customer service and quality. 


Interested in becoming an ecommerce partner?

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