How To Run An Effective Google Ads Shopping Strategy
In this third and final part of our Google Shopping series, we focus on how to run an effective Google Ads shopping strategy.  Shopping campaigns enable you to showcase your products to customers online.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are taking advantage of shopping opportunities wherever they are, at any time of day and from any device that they have to hand. 
5 Ecommerce Trends That Have Dominated 2021
In this article we look back on 2021 to understand what defined this year as momentous for the ecommerce sector.  Brands and retailers have had to adapt following the unprecedented changes of 2020 and this has propelled ecommerce forward.  We take a look at the ecommerce trends that have made the biggest impact, some of which are still developing,  and will continue to map out the future for years to come.
Google Shopping Inventory Optimisation Tips
In our previous article about Google shopping we presented 3 Key Drivers For Growth On Google Shopping, along with two additional bonus tips!  In this follow up article, our focus becomes more specific as we look into how to optimise inventory for Google Shopping. 
10 Points To Consider When Preparing For A Christmas Campaign Online
Christmas is a magical time of year. After all, it’s the season of giving and as we all know, it’s also the season of marketing and sales. In order to make sure it’s your products that are being gifted and not your competitors, you will need a Christmas marketing and sales campaign that works.
Three Key Drivers For Growth On Google Shopping
Vertical Plus specialises in helping clients grow their business through effective ecommerce sites. An essential part of this is being able to manage ecommerce activities and track their efficiency. Vertical Plus has developed a bespoke Google Shopping feed that enables us to upload listings to Google Merchant Centre quickly and effectively and this feed forms a key part of our ecommerce growth strategy for clients.
Black Friday 2021 - How Important Will It Be This Year?
Black Friday is a key event on the ecommerce calendar. In this article David Gadd, CEO of Vertical Plus, looks at how the event has changed over the years, how to prepare for this year’s event and whether it will be as important as it was in previous years in generating key revenue at a key time of year.
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