Top Tips For A Successful Ecommerce Summer Sale

There can often be a bit of a lull between Mother’s Day and the beginning of June for some ecommerce retailers. This could pose a good opportunity to prepare for the summer season. Of course, some retailers will see an increase in sales more than others, especially those that offer seasonal products such as swimming costumes, garden furniture and barbecues. However, summer doesn’t mean that retailers who cater for the winter trade can’t try and increase their online orders when the sun starts to shine. Take a look at some of our top tips for a successful ecommerce summer sale below.
Top Tips For A Successful Ecommerce Summer Sale

Prepare In Advance

Starting a successful summer sale means that you must be prepared. Many companies often plan their summer sales around 2 months before the release. This allows stock to be counted, budgets to be set and a proper strategy put in place. Sales that are often set up last minute with very little thought may not do so well.

Make Your Offer Appeal To Your Audience

Not every sale has to be a huge affair. Some companies focus on reducing the cost of their shipping as they realise that customers respond better to this than a price discount. Some also target their sale to a small selection of products that they need to disperse of in order to make room for the new autumn stock. Target what you need to move or what will benefit your company and your audience the most and create a targeted campaign around this.

Decide How You Are Going To Market Your Sale

Just putting up a banner for a sale isn’t enough. If you really want to draw customers in, then you need to go out and find them. Targeted ads through social media and Adwords allow you to target those looking for specific keywords or interests and puts your advert right in front of them. Boosted social media posts also help ensure that your post is getting a much wider reach and isn’t disappearing down into the social media feed abyss.

Target Loyal Customers

The key to a successful brand is loyal customers. So why not use a summer sale to reward them? Many companies choose to reward previous customers or subscribers with a discount exclusively for them when they return to the website. This not only helps you to move summer stock, but also makes your customers feel valued.

Don’t Forget Imagery

In a sea of ecommerce summer sales, you need to make sure that your sale captures the eye. Take some time to really enhance your brand’s image and invest in bold imagery within promotional materials such as banners, newsletters, social media adverts etc. The quality of your content is everything and consumers expect more and more as they continue to become more aware of ecommerce marketing tactics.

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