5 essentials of setting up an ecommerce site
You don’t need to have a large budget to successfully set up a business online. We’ve been working with clients for years and here’s our top 5 essential factors in setting up and building an ecommerce site. While there are many other considerations, these are ones we suggest you start with.
What are the Key Performance Indicators of an ecommerce website?
Every website is different. Therefore, a website’s Key Performance Indicators will differ depending on the website’s function. For example, the Key Performance Indicators of an ecommerce website will differ from a Blog. This is because visitors have different expectations from different types of website, and their behaviour will reflect this.
5 easy website wins for any business website
Looking to score some easy wins for your website that will boost its performance? Well, you’re in luck as Vertical Plus are experts in ecommerce and optimising websites. Try implementing these 5 easy website wins and you’ll see the results in traffic.
Why do some ecommerce websites succeed… and why do some fail? Part 2
In our last insight, we discussed the importance of savvy website architecture, logical navigation tools, and knock-your-socks-off imagery when setting up a successful ecommerce website.
Why do some ecommerce websites succeed… and why do some fail?
Naturally, for ecommerce to be a successful venture for your business, you’ll need a good ecommerce website. But what makes a good ecommerce website? And what makes an ecommerce website successful when others struggle to convert sales?
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How to convert more visitors online
You’ve nailed the basics. You’ve got traffic coming to your website, whether that’s organic or paid. But, despite the numbers coming in through the e-door, they all seem to be leaving by the e-window.
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