Why do some ecommerce websites succeed… and why do some fail? Part 2

In our last insight, we discussed the importance of savvy website architecture, logical navigation tools, and knock-your-socks-off imagery when setting up a successful ecommerce website.
Why do some ecommerce websites succeed… and why do some fail? Part 2

If you haven’t read it, you can read it here https://www.verticalplus.co.uk/why-do-some-ecommerce-websites-succeed-and-why-do-some-fail/

In part 2 of ‘why do some ecommerce websites succeed… and why do some fail?’ we’ll be focusing on the business side of things. Your products, pricing and marketing. It would have been nice to have some alliteration there – you can’t have everything in life…  But you can have a good ecommerce website if you read these tips and work with extraordinary ecommerce experts! (That’s us by the way). Oh, and we even managed some alliteration. Let’s begin.

1) Products

If you know us at all, you’ll know we’re all about the products. You have to get the products right if you want to have any chance of running a successful ecommerce website. What do we mean by ‘get the products right’? You have to crunch the data, analyse your product range, assess the market and understand your competitors. Quite a list of things to do, but don’t feel discouraged. We can help you with all of this and much more… Leaving you feeling relaxed, on top of things, and with more time on your hands to focus on your business (or your golf handicap).

We’ll work closely with you to collect and crunch through your business’s data, such as looking at which products perform best, and why, as well as who is buying your products, identify areas you can make more gains and reduce costs, and much more. This will involve assessing the relevant marketplaces and competitors, to ensure you’re investing your business’s attention in the right areas and spotting marketplaces for your business to operate in. 

Working with us will also open up new market opportunities, especially using our e-channel service that links businesses in the UK with overseas markets in countries like France. The e-channel service is designed to empower you to refine and improve your range of products, spot gaps in various markets, get your products to new target audiences, and boost your sales performances.

2) Pricing

For the most part, it doesn’t matter what you’re selling. If your product is priced incorrectly you may lose out to competitors who can offer products that are better or cheaper. Especially during COVID-times, when we’re all looking to save a little bit of money, getting your product’s pricing right is crucial to running a successful ecommerce website. Your website can look amazing. You can have all the right imagery. All the right copy. Amazing features and navigation tools. It can be quick and easy to use. But if the customer gets your store and sees your product is too expensive… then it was all in vain. 

Here at Vertical Plus we will analyse the data and assess costs and pricing working with you to make your products more competitive and to strengthen your profit margins. This will involve analysing competitor’s pricing, the marketplace, and internal costs. It’s the nitty-gritty data that we’re best at and will help get your ecommerce website converting visits into sales.

2) Marketing

A metaphorical tumbleweed gracefully glides across your website. Your website has no traffic. No traffic means no sales. 

Whether your website looks like a barren desert from a spaghetti western, or if it looks like the M25 at rush hour, we can help drive meaningful traffic to your website, and boost your ecommerce website’s performance.

But what do we mean by meaningful traffic? All traffic is good traffic…. Right? Well, sort of. If you’re generating traffic to your website, that’s a good start. But if you’re not seeing conversions, it could be because you’re attracting the wrong kind of traffic. The people you want coming to your website are the people you want to sell to – your target audience. It’s no-good having lots of people visiting your website if they’re not interested in what you’re selling. This comes down to your marketing strategy – particularly your SEO and paid ads strategy, which will probably be the main sources of traffic for your website.

We’ll ensure your website is ranking well on Google for the keywords that matter to you and your business. This involves ensuring the website functions properly and includes relevant and useful content. 

Not only that, but we can help you run your paid ads campaigns on Google and social media, so that your ecommerce website is getting the exposure it deserves. We often see businesses come to us looking for support running their Google Ads, having run the ads for months or even years with little success. We turn their ad performances around, keeping the costs down, raising effectiveness and efficiency, and boosting conversions.

These two factors will help drive your target audience (aka meaningful traffic) to your website, raising your brand’s awareness and resulting in more conversions online.

Those were 3 more insights into how to run a successful ecommerce website. We hope you found them useful. We’ll be posting regular tips and tricks on our website, so follow us on our social media channels so you don’t miss out on future insights.

If you’d like to get in touch with Vertical Plus to discuss how a partnership would help to grow your ecommerce sales, please contact us at info@verticalplus.co.uk