Boosting Mother’s Day Sales – What We Can Learn?

Boosting Mother’s Day Sales - What We Can Learn?

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and for E commerce, this period is the first big event aside from Valentine’s Day for marketers since Christmas. With all eyes on gift companies, clothing, food & drink and recreational services, if your business isn’t capitalising on Mother’s Day is your marketing plan working as hard as it should be? Take a look at these simple tips that can help increase your Mother’s Day Sales.

Look Out For Last Minute Sales

Much like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day shopping is often left until the last minute with many shoppers not quite sure what to get Mum. Many marketers look to up their promotions around this time using the time factor as their USP. Ensure that you emphasise the urgency and see if you can offer any last minute deals to get those customers who are dragging their feet to purchase something now.

Delivery Is Key

If your delivery slots stop too early and customers are less likely to get an order before Mother’s Day then your dropped cart rate will rocket much earlier than you anticipated. If you can’t offer standard delivery in time for Mother’s Day, offer last minute shoppers an upgrade to first class for a small amount. Chances are, customers are more likely to pay that little extra rather than turn up to Mum’s with nothing.


When it comes to Mother’s Day (as with most events excluding Christmas) you will find that customers will need a little reminding. Send your customers a newsletter so when they come round to purchasing a product, your business is at the forefront of their mind.

Offer An Incentive

Look at other competitors. What are they offering that your marketing campaign isn’t? Try and lure your customers in with a free gift, guaranteed delivery, free delivery or anything else you believe they would respond well to. These little things can just put you ahead of rivals and grab those sales.

We hope you enjoyed these simple marketing tips for Mother’s Day. If you would like to see your web sales grow with our full and extensive range of marketing techniques and data analysis here at Vertical Plus, then please contact us and see how our E Commerce Partnership Model can help your business thrive during key selling periods.