How to convert more visitors online

You’ve nailed the basics. You’ve got traffic coming to your website, whether that’s organic or paid. But, despite the numbers coming in through the e-door, they all seem to be leaving by the e-window. You just can’t retain the traffic and convert it into sales. Here are our 7 tips on how to convert more visitors online.
How to convert more visitors online

Convert more visitors online

  1. I think we can all agree that we, as humans, are bored easily… but we can also be easily entertained. Have you ever landed on a website and are immediately faced with a wall of text about a product or service?  It’s boring. And it doesn’t make you want to buy that product or service. But humans are also easily entertained. We like to be visually stimulated. We like to see things. Investing in professional-standard photography and imagery will lift the entire look of your website. Graphics and photography will immediately grab a visitor’s attention, helping retain them on your website for longer, whilst also advertising your product or service.
  1. On the same train of thought, examine these two sentences and think to yourself which you prefer. 

    ‘The soap is made of oil, is blue in colour, and smells really nice and it cleans well’


    ‘The soap, made from natural oils and vanilla, enriches and moisturises the skin, leaving you feeling clean, energised and confident.’

    I know which soap I’d rather buy.

    Instead of telling them about the soap, show them. Demonstrate value. This can be further reinforced with professional imagery.
  1. Okay, using steps 1 & 2 you now have traffic coming to the website, and the traffic is staying. But how do they know you’re the real deal? Sure, you’ve shown your product, and they’re interested, but what’s stopping them from choosing a competitor?

    E-Commerce is a trust-building exercise. You need to demonstrate that you not only have a good product or service, but that you are an authentic and reliable provider of that product or service. This takes time, especially if you’re fairly new in your business venture. 

    To build trust, and ultimately convert sales, you’re going to need to provide professional testimonies, customer reviews, awards, and any write-ups you might have had in newspapers, blogs or magazines. This is called ‘social proof’ and reinforces the customers decision to purchase from you because other people have made the same decision (and are prepared to speak positively about their choice). It’s a very effective tool to use.
  1. If you can, choose a range of reviews that demonstrate value in different areas such as customer service, product/service quality, the delivery of the product/service. Diversify your reviews to cover target demographics and signal to your target audience – whether that’s based on gender, age, or profession for example.

    By diversifying your reviews and building trust with a wider audience, you’re going to be able to convert more traffic into sales on your E-Commerce site.
  1. Now for the nitty-gritty. Website architecture. This is fundamental for improving user experience. Ensuring your website has a strong sales pipeline, a practical navigation bar, whilst keeping the page fast, entertaining and informative is an E-commerce art, and will help boost your conversions. You’ll benefit from specialist help from E-commerce experts (like us!) to strengthen and optimise your e-commerce website.
  2. Placing your products where customers will see them will drive conversions on your e-commerce website. This includes on your own website. Improving product/service visibility will draw people to the checkout page, and you’ll start to see a rise in conversions. Place your products on other websites too. Amazon. Ebay. Etsy. Use these platforms to raise your profile and generate sales – these websites are trusted and well-used, so you’ll see an increase in your customer base.
  3. Give the people what they want. At the end of the day, it’s all about them and not about you. You’re going to need to crunch the numbers, assess the data, and spot the patterns in your e-commerce website. Seems overwhelming? We can help you.

If your customers are consistently buying the blue soap in all shapes, sizes and scents, then make sure to offer that colour across all your products – whether that’s soap dishes, soap-making kits, or face cloths.

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