Start The New Year Right – 4 Top E-commerce Tips For January

Start The New Year Right - 4 Top E-commerce Tips For January

2020 is nearly upon us, and for those online retailers who think they can relax after Christmas, you may need to think again.

January is a great time of year to not only focus on sales, but to really review your previous year’s performance and make any changes that will make 2020 the best yet. But where do you start? Take a look at our top 4 E-commerce tips below.

1 – Check your Adwords Budget

It can often take a while for you to get back into the swing of things after the Christmas holiday. However, the very first thing that should be on your to do list for January is to check your Adwords budget. Budgets are often increased around the Christmas period before January, so make sure you aren’t over-spending when you return in the new year.

2 – Review Last Year’s Sales

January is a great time to review how you performed last year and identify which were your key sellers and which ended up not really making as big of an impact on your profit as you initially hoped. Taking time to review will also help you make much better decisions when you look for new items at early year trade shows such as the Spring Fair.

3 – Take Stock

Review what you have left over the Christmas period and see what you can then put into a sale or what you need to replenish. You can then also see from this what was your very best product and if your inventory is balanced. If any items are missing or incorrect from your stock take, then this needs to be noted.

4 – Review Your Social Media Strategy

How can you engage your audience? What content are they looking for? Do you need to refocus your schedule and post at different times? January is a great way to go through this and really look into your marketing strategy. This process of reflection will help you deliver a much better service and attract a new audience.

If you are unsure of where to take your business in the new year or what changes could impact your business in 2020, contact us today and see how we can help you. If you are interested in becoming an E-commerce Partner, read more about what we can offer you and your business on our website.