The art of product photography – part 1

The art of product photography - part 1

High quality product photography can have a significant impact on ecommerce in a number of ways.

At Vertical Plus we take this work seriously and invest in your website and brands success through product photography – just one feature of our ecommerce partnership.

Worth a thousand words

The old saying is true – that an image can be worth a thousand words, particularly when it comes to selling your products online. Using images can convey many aspects to a product such as:

  • Quality – show how well made or finished something is
  • Colours – accurately convey the colour of a product or show a range of colour options – if a customer is looking for something that fits in will a specific colour scheme for example
  • Sizes – convey the various size options for a product – or give customers a sense of scale by featuring another object they are familiar with.

For many customers it can be as simple as having a preference for glancing at images before reading further into a product, by having strong product photography you can capture their interest and encourage them to invest time learning more about your products.

Example of product photography showing jam, spoon, chilli and garlic.

Ensure customer satisfaction

Strong product images are a sure-fire way to help your customers gain the best possible understanding of the product they are buying. Ensure you highlight a range of angles of the product and look to showcase as many key features as possible. By doing this the customer should feel confident in understanding what it is they are buying. In addition this should decrease the risk of customers returning a product which is a significant benefit too.

Building a brand

Investment in photography doesn’t just benefit your products and sales – it helps build a consistent look and feel as part of your business becoming a recognised brand. An investment in this imagery should be viewed as a long term one – these images could be useful for a long time and be visible online / shared for years. You can use this imagery to portray quality, professionalism, green credentials and all sorts of other positive values.