The art of product photography – part 2

The art of product photography - part 2

In our first post we looked at the advantages of strong product images in terms of customer satisfaction and brand. In this article we look at it from a data perspective and how photography and imagery can help drive traffic to your site.

As we previously discussed, the right images will help you increase sales. Quality photos are instantly recognisable. In order to achieve this it is really important you consider the lighting, composition and focus in these images and consider how they will look on smaller screens too – mobile devices deliver a significant amount of traffic to sites.

Example of a beer hamper for Tipple Hampers shot on white BG for Ecommerce

Driving Site Traffic

Image search traffic can come from a range of searches along with more image focused ones such as Depending on user google may show images and videos more prominently in search pages too.

By using your image in blog and content articles on your website they can enhance the user experience and make an article more likely to shared and linked to. With platforms such as Pinterest this can be particularly effective.

Image Load Times

Whilst images are critically important on your ecommerce site one consideration that should not be overlooked is the impact it has on site load times. These can directly impact your bounce rates and how long potential customers stay on your site. In addition the load time will impact your Google Core Vitals Score. This can directly impact your Google organic and paid listings.

At Vertical Plus we have completed significant work behind the scenes to ensure our platform loads pages efficiently leading to improved core vitals scores on your ecommerce sites. This is one of many small but impactful investments we make to give you a cutting edge selling online. Find out more about our services here.