Top 3 E Commerce trends for 2020 / 2021

Top 3 E Commerce trends for 2020 / 2021

As E Commerce continues to boom during lockdown, there are 3 top E Commerce trends to be aware of if you’re looking to grow your business online in 2021.

Vertical Plus currently turns over 1.7m a month in E Commerce sales across 40 different retail sectors in the UK.  While nearly all sectors in E Commerce are booming, we are seeing some particularly hot sectors right now with Food and Drink, Personalised Gifts and with Trade sites.

  1. Food and Drink.  This was really hot during lockdown and it continues to flourish.  As we move into Christmas 2020, we expect this market to boom as Christmas events are downsized and people will increasingly turn online for their specialised Christmas offerings. Food and Drink make popular gifts for friends and family and are in the right price bracket for the gift market. Sellers with strong brands, good marketing and good websites are seeing a significant uplift in sales online and this will only increase throughout 2021.
  1. Personalised Gifts.  It seems every year that customers online want more and more unique gifts and the booming personalised gift market continues to be strong this year.  If you are creative, it is worth looking at mugs, t shirts and other giftware you can sell to create a personalized offering. Gifts are popular throughout the year and so are relatively immune to seasonal fluctuations seen in other sectors, although Christmas, Valentines Day etc are still key dates for gift manufacturers.
  2. Trade.  One thing Lockdown did do was open many new customers to E Commerce as they found themselves unable to order in person or visit showrooms.  As a result, the normal, traditional way of finding and providing access to builders, carpenters, bricklayers was lost leaving a new batch of enthusiastic trade buyers looking for companies that offer good prices and good online platforms. The upturn in enthusiastic DIY projects has seen an increase in online searches for information, material and tools meaning there is an opportunity for businesses in this sector to cash in.

Much of the increase in online sales is coming from people who had previously avoided E Commerce, preferring to do their research and buying in person from trusted high street suppliers. These people are now realising how easy shopping online can be, with goods arriving very quickly right to their front door with minimal effort on their part. It’s highly likely that this new breed of customer will continue to shop online – but they are discerning, expecting a positive customer experience and good customer service.

Businesses who provide easy technology with a sleek experience will benefit the most. Vertical Plus specialises in creating fully managed E Commerce websites built to grow – and we have over 10 years’ experience in working with clients to build and grow their E Commerce businesses.