What is a Google Partner?

What is a Google Partner?

One of the factors that sets Vertical Plus apart from other marketing companies is that we are a Google Adwords Partner. Of course many businesses would have heard of Google and even use the search engine every day, but what does it mean to be a Google Partner and how does this benefit you as an existing or potential customer? Well we’re happy to explain.

If you take a look at our website, you will see that we as a company hold the Google Partner Badge. This is awarded to us as a company for, in simple terms, “knowing our stuff” when it comes to Google advertising. In order for us to get this certification our Digital Marketers must pass an exam set by Google, to demonstrate that we are up to date with the latest product knowledge including search advertising, video advertising, display advertising and shopping advertising.

By being a Google Partner, we are certified in managing your Google Adwords account on your behalf. Also by being a part of the Google Partners network, we are able to access industry news, events and extra training, so we are always updating our knowledge and staying ahead of the curve.

The Google Partners badge also demonstrates our performance in delivering strong client and company growth. In order for us to even be considered to take the exam, we have to show Google that we have a high retention rate with our Google Adwords accounts and that they are running smoothly. Other marketing agencies often don’t have the opportunity to do this either due to small accounts or just not running them efficiently.

We are proud to be able to call Vertical Plus an official Google Partner and thanks to our team of highly trained and experienced Digital Marketers, we hope to continue to be, for many years to come.

If you would like to know more about our Google Partners status or any of the services that we offer, please contact our Sales Director Justin@verticalplus.co.uk and he will be happy to help.