Placement Branding

Visit South Devon

We developed several advertising campaigns which were made to help promote the Devon area to tourists. We worked with First Great Western to help focus on rail users. This was effectively marketed by using bold and eye catching pictures as well as bright screens to catch the eye of passing travellers.

RIO - Column Bake House

We helped to advertise the brand of the Column Bake House.  The new branding was launched along with the new Devonport Guildhall. Upon the opening event of the guildhall the brand received a marketing boost – we arranged to have the branding projected on the Devonport Column.

Hannahs Signage

We completely redeveloped Hannahs Signage providing them with custom designed on-site signage, new branding for all of the merchandise as well as a new graphical marketing campaign to help raise awareness for the charity.

North Devon Wave

We ensured that the North Devon Wave bus route stood out and was effectively marketed across Devon as well as the bus route itself. We did this by integrating their designs with the stagecoach buses you can see in the images above.

Stagecoach Hop Launch

We helped promote Stagecoach’s new Hop campaign by making the branding bold, eye catching and professional. In addition we also advertised the new campaign on every Stagecoach bus as well as bus stops, billboards and merchandise to ensure that marketing was effective.


Wooduchoose came to us needing help getting their company seen because of the extensive marketplace. We supported them by branding their company to look professional, simple and affordable.

The Dock

We helped this restaurant in Plymouth stand out with their brand new eye catching coffee takeout containers.